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[ profile] tallblue made me aware of this. I had heard some of the issue but was not really “informed”.
This morning I invested in myself and wife by watching the video (see link directly below).
It is an eye opener! Many of the symptoms they discuss  - I experience. A sad fact is I usually feel my worst right after eating; and no I am not an over eater. I maintain a low fat diet and use only lean meat.
However – I love pizza, corn (chips, etc.) and I suspect I now know why I have the problems I do.

Invest in your life. If you have family, significant others and friends – consider it an investment in their life as well.

I’ve made it easy.

Link to video directly below should open in a separate window.
The shopper’s guide is linked below as well.
Smart phone apps instructions referenced below too.

GMO Food: Genetic Roulette

Link to No GMO Shopper’s Guide

Android: Play Store: APPS > search > True Food Network: it is a non-GMO shopping guide for your phone.
Apple has an app as well.

And YES – the FDA has let you & I down.

Yes they are in bed with Monsanto.

Yes criminal and civil charges should be filed against both parties.

on 2012-10-15 06:00 pm (UTC)
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This is a case where I am really hope the people of California comes through for us. If they are forced to put GMO on the label they will likely stop using GMO.

Rich and I have gone through all of the food we eat and have slowly replaced them. Most of the items I cook with whole ingredients.

I have been finding a lot of Organic choices at Costco at decent prices.

I now make my own salad dressing (3 different ones).

What is good is that there is nothing wrong with wanting to know what is in our food, right there they look as guilty as sin. We have the right to at least make a choice. How can anyone argue with that?

Think of all the GMO food served in the schools!!!

I go by how Rich feels and he says he feels so much better now. If I feel better but I can't tell if it is the food or not taking the AD anymore.

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