Apr. 12th, 2017

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I took PTO this week, Wed-Fri. Carol is taking it tomorrow and Fri. I am feeling out of sorts, not sure why. Maybe its the result of all the emotional stuff surrounding Carol's mom. No clue. Ultimately no biggie. Carol is focusing on the RV which has been officially named - Chester. She has completed a lot of work inside and out. I thank God we have this for her to focus on right now.

I saw this morning that Steve Perry did participate in the ROR HOF induction but did not perform. I'm glad he showed up, w/o him - no JOURNEY.

Lots of stuff swirling in our country but I don't have the energy to post/write about it. I really don't like in many ways how our society has become.

Yes United Airlines is deplorable. We no longer use them. While the physical removal of a passenger from their plane so an employee could fly for free has made news, I am surprised that this occurrence has not. Fast fwd to 1:07.  Of course it is also an example of how feminism, dems and ACLU fail us and our country. Why do I write that? Where is the outrage, lawsuit and investigations?  Why is it that MSM and TPTB want us to bow down to mohommad and his god? Why do they want us under sharia law? Why is it that liberals and dems prefer them and their culture?

*exhales* Ok - so I did write a little about current events.

I plan to start my tapering off gabapentin/neurotin tomorrow. I'm planning to do 10% reductions every two weeks.

Oh yeah, I see some of u commenting that u are concerned or are moving to DW because of the updated LJ user agreement. I read it --- ok -- scanned it. What is there in it that is disturbing?

Guess that is it for now.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] zimon66 post I now have a better idea.
I have a paid account so most of the stuff does not pertain to me.
And I don't write anything that violates Russia's concern.

"The terms don’t apply to permanent, paid accounts, so some of the platform’s most popular users – who would otherwise be in danger from the 3,000 viewers rule – don’t have to worry yet. In addition, realistically, these changes are aimed primarily at Russian users."

"The new Terms of Service (TOS) agreement bans “political solicitation” and requires that any content which is considered “inappropriate for children according to Russian law” be marked as adult/18+ content. Given Russia’s attitudes toward LGBTQIA content, this likely means any queer content must be marked as 18+."   quotes from here.

If this is what all guff is about, no problem here.

If this is what all the guff is about, no problem here as far as I am concerned..

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